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SilverFIT Non-Impact Chair Aerobics
A Seated Exercise Program For Seniors

Do you have a physical challenge such as limited mobility that prevents you from doing conventional exercise? Would you like to relieve stress and joint pain, improve your circulation, lower high blood pressure, and stretch and tone your muscles without strain? Join us for this gentle, unique exercise program that blends elements of tai chi, yoga, non-impact aerobics, and meditation all done while sitting in a chair. You’ll become more capable while revitalizing your body, mind and spirit. Don’t be limited by your limitations!

SilverFIT Chair Aerobics offers a safe and practical alternative to traditional forms of exercise! It is ideal for you if you’re new to exercise or just returning after a very long break.  It is a fun way to improve muscle tone, increase range of motion and feel better all over

​Why Strength Training is Important for Adults

Dr. M. Nelson has found in her research that Strength Training “restores bone, improves balance and flexibility, energizes, controls weight, helps the heart, relieves arthritis symptoms, lifts depression and aids sleep.”

Features & Benefits;

Exercise can help to prevent or decrease the symptoms of diseases such as: coronary heart disease, respiratory conditions, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis
All exercises are gentle, and everyone can participate
Will improve your ability to participate in activities of daily living
Can broaden your social network
May help prevent health complications associated with aging
Its fun!

Physical activity is a valuable part of any overall body wellness plan and is associated with a lower risk of cognitive decline. If it’s safe for you, engage in cardiovascular exercise to elevate your heart rate. This will increase the blood flow to your brain and body, providing additional nourishment while reducing potential dementia risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Consider physical activities that may also be mentally or socially engaging, such as walking with a friend, taking a dance class, joining an exercise group or golfing. Incorporating activities and healthy exercise habits at a young age will allow you to enjoy the lifelong benefits of regular physical activity. However, it’s never too late to start — making healthy choices at any age is beneficial to your well-being. Always consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

KYFit SilverFIT

​Feel great, live better and maintain your ability for longer independence gracefully! 

This is a creative, pain-free class for seniors.  With the use of hand and leg weights, resistance bands, inflated balls and chairs, you’ll improve your bone and muscle strength, balance, flexibility, heart and brain health.

Become strong and happy!