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Classes must have a minimum of 5 people to RUN

KYFit Cardio Dance Fitness Classes

Why KYfit?

KYfit gets your heart pumping, blood flowing, and energy shooting through the roof with fun beats and simple cardio moves.

KYfit offers you and your family an exciting way to get up and get moving with a combination of LOW IMPACT Fitness moves!

You’ll love the benefits from KYfit energizing and do-able calorie-busting dance routines.  

What Else You’ll Get Out of KYfit?
As if fun, dancing, and increased energy weren’t enough! Our classes also help you:

                                 - Increase cardiovascular performance
                                 - Strengthen lower body
                                 - Increase coordination
                                 - Burn up to 350 calories/hour.

This class takes traditional low-impact moves and gives them a fun twist. The many types of dances incorporated will keep you on your toes as you dance your way to fitness.

Benefits: Increases cardiovascular, strengthens lower body, increases coordination, burns up to 350 calories/hour.

JOIN the fun today! .