Membership             $50.00/mo        Minimum 3 months. (Payable per month)

                                                          Membership Includes:
                                                                   *Unlimited access to the following classes:
                                                                            Zumba - Zumba GOLD - DrumFIT - TempoBEAT – Steps
                                                                            KYFit - HulaFIT - Line Dancing, Latin Dancing               
                                                                    *50% Off selected programs                                                  
                                                                            Belly Dance                                                                        
                                                                            PowerFIT Challenge                                                         
                                                                    *Free Pass to all Practice Dance events                                
                                                                    *20% off all KYnamics Merchandise                                                 

                                                                    *20% off dance event tickets

Passport Cards         $36.00               Buy 4 classes in advance. Good for up to 2 months              
                                  $80.00               Buy 10 classes in advance. Good for up to 4 months        
                                  $150.00             Buy 20 classes in advance. Good for up to 6 months
                           Passports are good for all Classes. Programsnot Included

Drop-IN                      $10.00               Drop-In to any class anytime.

Programs FEE           $108.00             6 sessions programs
                                                             Payment options:
                                                                      2 payments of $54.00             
                                                                      Pay in Full in advance and save 20% ($86.40)

*KYdz Program         $35.00               Month (1 class per week)
                                  $75.00               Unlimited (Mon-Fri)

Private Lessons        $50.00               One Hour
                                  $185.00             Month (1 class per week)
                                  $75.00               Partners Lesson (One Hour)           
                                  $250.00             Partners Lesson (1 Class per week) 

Family discount available. Ask for details.

Referral Program:

Bring your friends and receive $10.00 credit or a FREE CLASS pass for any friend that purchases a membership or a Passport card.

Or pay at the studio