Basic and simple steps will have you moving your feet in no time.

Dance steps will include Latin rhythms, country and western, modern dancing, etc.

Modern Line Dancing Beginners Class

(No partner required)
Can’t dance? Got 2 left feet? It’s alright. Learn the basics of dancing through basic rhythm patterns.

Modern Intermediate Line Dancing Class

(no partner required)
Enriched your dancing skills with new routines and dance steps.
You can move, you can follow the beats. Now let’s add some great skills to your steps.

Partners Dance Class
Bring a partner and learn to dance at the rhythm of the drums to Salsa, cha-chas, swing, rock and rock and more. Spin, twist and dip to exciting and fun routines.

LatinBEAT Dance Class
Learn to dance to the rhythm of the drums to Salsa, cha-chas, Merengue, Bachata and more. Spin and dip to exciting and fun routines.

Belly Dancing Dance Class
Come on down to Shimmy, wiggle and dance with us
Learn the beautiful moves from this beautiful dance art. Great for all ages and fun routines.

KYnamics is your #1 Line dance destination. We specialize on International dances so you will learn a perfect mixture of dances.

​Either you have experience or not, you will find our classes fun, easy and enjoyable.